Case Study


Shopper-Based Design


Despite enormous growth in video game purchases among consumers, Target earned less than its fair share in the category. UPT and conversion were very low. Due to high theft, video games were locked in glass refrigerator-like displays and required an associate to unlock them. While this protected games, it discouraged shoppers. Many guests who wanted to purchase games or learn more left and purchased elsewhere.


  • Improve shop-ability and productivity of video game section
  • Attract, educate, and retain guests
  • Increase conversion of shoppers entering the aisle
  • Increase units per transaction per purchasing guests
  • Increase productivity of retail floor space
  • Drive cross-channel purchases (e.g. research online, buy instore)


  • The video game section was dark, uninviting, and intimidating. Designed by game vendors, the section was uncharacteristic of Target’s inviting, well-lit, wide isles.
  • Video games were inaccessible. In order to see a game, a guest would have to find a team member, have that person unlock the case and wait there to see if they wanted to see another game. It was uncomfortable for both the guest and the team member.
  • The shopping experience was confusing and frustrating. Unless the guest knew exactly what game they wanted and what platform their child had, it was difficult to find a game.


  • Partnered with consumer research teams
  • Explored unique delivery solutions across the globe
  • Worked with IDEO to develop idea for custom shelf cases which allowed guests to interact with every game without team member assistance while protecting inventory from theft.
  • Developed zones to facilitate discovery and engagement
  • Provided reviews and customer ratings instore at point of consideration
  • Developed marketing assets for completely redesigned store experience
  • Supported nationwide rollout


  • Transformed $2B Video Games category. Improved shopability and conversion
  • Drove $120MM Sales growth (+6%) on $2B
  • Propelled video games to become the #1 most productive space in Target
  • Recognized by CEO as one of four game-changing innovations at Target